I give lectures on topics ranging from business management, strategy and corporate social responsibility to my personal life. On this page you can see the themes of my lectures.

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  • Strategy development
  • Value Based Management
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • How do you engage an entire organization?
  • Leadership across boundaries
  • Corporate responsibility – particular focus on social responsibility

Volunteer Work

  • Similarities and differences in management of companies and NGOs
  • Why is volunteering special?
  • What happens to the voluntary sector?

Welfare and Society

  • What happens to welfare in Denmark?
  • New opportunities for welfare
  • Why is innovation important to welfare and society?

My Life

Based on the many exciting experiences I have had during my life, I outlinethe reflections and choices that have influenced my journey.

General Information about the Lectures

To target the presentation I prefer to know as much as possible about the client and his wishes. I can easily get around in both geography and subject matter.

My lectures are best without slides. This way I ensure presence, relevance and involvement of the audience.

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