Strategy Development

From time to time I have been asked: Why must we have a strategy? Isn’t it just a waste of time? Is it really possible to shape a company through a strategy?

First of all you need to get one thing clear before starting a strategy process. And that is that you probably will never realize the strategy.

On the other hand, if you don’t have goals, like ambitious goals, and strategies to achieve those, then your business don’t move.

When you have a strategy, communicate it and put it into action, then things happen. People in the company begin to cooperate, customers can distinguish it from similar companies and last but not least, investors are also beginning tohave confidence. This requires that you deliver on your strategy.

The last substantial function of the strategy is the ability to prioritize. The essential decisions will be guided by the strategy.

So yes, it is important to have a strategy that:

  • gives direction and speed – preferably with ambition
  • can be adjusted to changes in the surrounding world
  • can be communicated both internally and externally
  • can be implemented and serve as a framework for prioritizing
  • is addressed to all stakeholders and can balance various considerations.

With this approach I contribute to strategy development. Naturally this can only take place in companies or NGOs that are not in competition with the companies or organizations in which I am part of the board.

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