Strategy Process

Future Creation Strategy
A recurring challenge in the strategy process is to look long enough and visionary enough into the future. It requires that we raise our attention above the changes and conditions that are already challenging the company’s adaptability and market position today.

But if a company wants to ensure its long-term position in the market, it is necessary to position and set the direction that also in future will unite the company, its services and its stakeholders.

In this process it can be very helpful to work with megatrends and development of future scenarios.

Megatrends, scenarios and strategy
I offer a program for managers, who need to challenge and develop a business strategy. We cannot choose not to be affected by megatrends, and therefore they are suitable as a starting point for the strategic process. During the program, the participants will work with megatrends, future scenarios and the development of a business strategy.

I give presentations and offer advice during the process and Kristine Seest facilitates it.

Are you interested in learning more about Future Creation Strategy, please feel free to contact
Kristine Seest.

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